Origins of K+B Brand

Our brand originates from 1960 when in the city of Cham-Germany Josef Kappenberger and Michael Braun started a company under name K+B. In years to come through dedicated work and persistence company will profile it self in two strategic areas: consumer electronics and electrical installation, communication technology and manufacture of electrical distribution cabinets.

The company will from 1960 become a leader in fields of distribution and electrical installations, having partners like BMW, Allianz, Bayer, EON and many others. As a pioneer in this part of Europe, seventeen years ago company invested in establishing a strong and competent team of experts dedicated to the Chinese market with the support of local China office of K+B Progres, located in most prominent business region Guangzhou.

From its start over two decades ago in 1991, K+B Progres has been offering quality products at competitive prices. We run our business with passion and integrity. We believe in maintaining long-standing relationships with our customer base as well as our suppliers.

Twenty-five years later, we still embrace the same values and goals, and we believe that has contributed to sustained growth in our overall business, the customer base and the product lines we offer.

Year 2016

Company K+B is leading distributor on local and foreign markets

Year 2010
Year 2000
Year 1991